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  • Adele Leung

Adele's Love Tees--be love and wear it

Be Love.

This is a phrase I have heard many times, but when I first heard it I had no idea what it meant in my body.

Instead my mind conjured up many pictures of how being love looked like, and now I realise none of them are true or real.

Love actually doesn't carry any pictures or ideals.

Tees and Hoodies.

Probably the 2 items I would be least drawn to buying in the past.

Never had I imagine I would start a brand selling tees and hoodies!

But there you go. Today I love wearing tees and hoodies and these LOVE tees feel absolutely amazing on.

So two events seemingly unrelated, became unified without any pictures, but simply with LOVE.

Could it be that it is not then style or the words of a piece of clothing that makes it stylish or fashionable? But that it is the process of holding ourselves, our business, our products, our clients simply by an impulse, that makes something beautiful to feel and thus wear?

To purchase LOVE tees and hoodies please contact


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