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  • Adele Leung

Asian Family Warmth

I modelled for a bank commercial recently, what a fulfilling experience on so many levels.

Hadn't expect to see the advertisement so huge for starters in several central locations but what I feel this time after several years of modelling (and several times of going on billboards without expecting to), is a very definite change within myself.

I remembered how for the first few times I was completely overtaken by elation seeing myself around town. I even called friends and together we took selfies to celebrate! The level of recognition in the modelling/acting/entertainment industry is rife, the desire to be recognised and to compete with others is rampant and incessant. The jealousy that is felt whenever there are several females on set is sufficient to blow up like a nuclear weapon.

No matter how long you are in the industry, you will feel this stimulation, the compression of feeling small from the jealousy, and the need to be better than another. But this time, I do not agree to this unspoken agreement anymore. My role is a mother with a grown daughter. And my daughter on screen is the lovely Fish, a model I have styled and got to know years ago, and our meeting again was lovely. I remembered we all felt still a little stiff during the shoot, and when the photographer asked me to sit next to Fish, she immediately said, it feels so much more warmer!

And this brought me to realise, Asian families generally are quite stiff and rigid in our relating (at least that is my experience), but that does not need to be the way either! There are so many of us who are so warm at heart and let us not hold this back no matter how the energy of the industry is set to be!

Walking past this billboard this time, I can sense a lovely settledness, thank you for the experience.


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