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  • Adele Leung

Why Flared Pants

I remember my first real recollection of flared pants was from a Tom Ford runway show in the early 1990's. Recently I felt very drawn to wearing flared pants, which even though I love their shape but have always felt that my petite stature would not carry them well.

But hey that is exactly why in the new year I wanted to wear flared pants. As do I continue to let anything in fashion impose on what I can or cannot wear? We know too well that fashion is here to tell us we are never good enough. We need to be louder, or quieter, or wear black only, no wear bright colours, only wear shorts and mini skirts, never wear long pants even when it is cold, the classic of don't wear too many layers that seem bulky even when you're cold, because it doesn't look cool. Fashion tells us we need to be prepared to do anything, especially self-loathe and say we cannot, we are not good enough, change to many different styles or never change our style for goodness sake, because what worth is there for fashion if we do not forever keep our individuality and unrest?

So flared pants is only one example, there could be hundreds. I picked it because I have had many viewpoints about flared pants. Some of them are they need to be worn with high heels. They look awful with sneakers. My legs are not long enough to wear them. They look tatty when worn too long. Oh the list is endless. So I felt into all of this and realised, I really want to wear flared pants and I will wear it how it feels to me. When I put the pair of flared jeans on and pulled them high on my waist, they felt amazing. I wanted to wear them with my black pointy leather ballerinas and so I did. I didn't even realise the length was too long, and I wasn't stepping into my hem. I love the shape that tucking my sweater in it creates a shorter upper body and longer legs. I was in love with the pair of flared jeans because I did not need it to fit into a perfect picture of how it has to look like.

Wearing anything or not wearing anything with knowledge is honestly too boring and it caps freedom. It makes dressing up dull. This applies to everything in life--what we eat, what we do, what we buy, how we date, how we do marriage, parent, live our lives! Fashion (and life) just got more SPACIOUS, and how then could we not love what we wear?


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