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The Official Launch of True Tees –

Leading Fashion back to truth

What is fashion? To some it means designer brands that most people could not afford, to others the famous Fashionista who sits in the front row at every fashion show. Being in the fashion industry for 20 years, Fashion Creative Professional Adele Leung challenges the definition of what Fashion really means with the launch of the True Tees collection. In collaboration with Phil Cleaver, the Creative Principal at et al Design Consultants together they bring the world’s first clothing brand conceived and designed in truth. True Tees is the embodiment of Fashion with Love.


In fashion we are obsessed with the superficial and generally we are attracted to a living fantasy. Fashion tells us self-expression is what it’s all about, yet most people are either confined to follow trends or in opposition to them.


In today’s digital and social media era, designs are recycled, repurposed or simply stolen so often, that previously held concepts of ‘authenticity’ in fashion have become meaningless. Enter True Tees, fashion that holds the wearer in the quality it was designed with ­­– Love – an authentic quality that cannot be replicated through manufacture alone.


The fashion industry is often associated with exclusiveness and distance from the majority of the world. Ironically, what we wear should say something about ourselves, to confirm our beauty and self-love from within. If we are all equal, it follows that this confirmation is available to everyone. Fashion can be both beautifully diverse and grandly unifying, but only if we want it to be.


True Tees is a commitment in living and being true, first and foremost, with our selves. Instead of focusing only on one’s outer aesthetic, True Tees are designed in the Livingness of Love, a reflection for everyone who comes into contact with them.



About the Design

True Tees is the first line in fashion that is timeless, ageless, genderless, cultureless, and always in vogue; it never needs approval and comes as a complete look that everyone is able to wear and look beautiful in. True Tees redefine the meaning of “cool” back to truth.


10% of all sales will go The Simply Love Project

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