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  • Adele Leung

After the Event

It was the launch party of one of the brands we worked with yesterday and it is always a joy to see our production products being birthed! Every time this makes me adore the work I do much more. Have we realised that a project is much more than the result?

Seeing the light boxes, iPads and the masks that we have been intensely in close contact with during these few weeks has deepened my appreciation of each and every conversation that has happened between us and the client. Not to mention the precious exchanges between myself and my crew. It has deepened my awareness, as well as my humbleness and absoluteness to how to hold a team together. Every single breath and moment is a relationship and we are asking if we are willing to go deeper. YES! Is always my answer.

Work is always a relationship. If we are in each moment walking towards only one goal, which is to give our ALL, then anything other than the solid and absolute footsteps are unnecessary. And every time we learn something about ourselves, each other and deepen our relationship with work and people.

This deepening made me realise that there cannot be any conditions at work if we are to truly walk together. It would be indeed separative (and stupido) to put conditions on ourselves. Do we observe that we put more attention on certain jobs and less on others? Is that even possible when we live ONE life and ONE relationship? How can our relationship with ourselves, our spouse, our family, our crew, or anyone really be different with the relationship with our work? Does ALL of us go into all these aspects of our lives? And if not, how does that impact everyone?

After the event last night which we were absolutely thrilled to be a part of, this morning I did a DermaElements x SNOW KIWI mask and enjoyed a cup of fruit beauty tea when the sun came out. Beauty is our every breath, in our every step, whether before or after the event, long hours after a shoot or when a project is completed. There are never any off moments even after the event.

Contrary to what the common belief encourages us to take a break when we finish a big (or any) project, why would I want to have any moment not being with myself in all the glory breathed during the project even after its completion? And why not just move with this glory towards my next project and during everything in between?

Venue photo (L): Roger Lee Venue photo (R): Derma Elements x SNOW KIWI

All other photos: Adele Leung


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