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  • Adele Leung


When I go to social media the first thing that bombards me is how much women want approval. They post their photos and put themselves out there sexualised because that’s what would get us approval. No matter who the woman is, how strong, intelligent and truly beautiful they are, women go through this process of making themselves more beautiful, changing their skin, the way they dress, hair, teeth, legs, shoulder etc, so as to gain approval. They want the whole world or at least one person-a boyfriend, a partner, a colleague, a mentor, someone, to constantly give them approval.

Needing approval and confirmation on our physical appearance and being given it, is what women live for. Whether these women are married or not, have a partner or not, matters little, the need for recognition is incessant.

When I was a young girl, I would hide and not see anyone when I didn’t feel beautiful or judged that my worth lies purely in my physical outlook. When I was told that I was beautiful by a parent, a partner, a spouse, in truth, that is a curse capping me that physicality is the recognition I would seek for the entirely of life.

A spouse who marries you because you’re beautiful tells you that in this relationship, there is the curse of remaining superficial. He can any day see someone else as more beautiful or remain loyal but simply does not see you beautiful anymore. The judgements of beauty and ugliness becomes the energy that either stimulates or withdraws a woman. We are completely damned by never coming out of this need to gain recognition from our looks and body. It is such a prison and trap capping our true fullness.

Our looks can only show our inner substance. How many perfect and close to perfect faces and bodies of women simply feel empty. It is hugely sad to see this. But it is useless to feel sad about anything in the world, I can only not contribute to it.

I was hurt recently in different parts of my body with oil burns. These burns are not hidden but pretty visible but not hiding them or hiding because of them, no emotionality or being impacted and want to not see people or commit to life is one example of not giving recognition its share.

Yep. So what if I don’t look perfect or is beautiful. I still feel amazing and light. And how many physically beautiful and gorgeous women can tell me they constantly feel joy and lightness? No judgement of course to whatever anyone chooses, but I am no longer subscribing to the recognition of being beautiful. Not needing anyone's approval-as

beauty is not superficial.

As only then, can beauty be exploded by our lived substance.


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