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  • Adele Leung

Casting Joy

A long haul 3-day casting ends today for female and male models from the modelling agencies in HK. Thank you for sending all your amazing models, I so adored meeting them all and getting to know them better (in very short time, but it’s possible). I adored seeing all their moves, poses, enjoyed all our conversations and everything they shared with “a stranger” they’ve only met for the first time, but we felt like friends.

So many models came and shook my hand so elegantly, some just rushed to hug, everyone was super caring to the clothes and hung them all back on the rack afterwards. For the inexperienced models who were shy, we switched roles when they became photographer and I moved for them so they could observe, and then they moved for me in a freedom that was possible. At the end of the last day, a gorgeous model thanked me and said he loves to meet shiny people, because ever so often castings can be serious and nobody really connects with you.

Joy and adoration is really simple respect we have with people, isn’t it? It is my normal and I’d say a standard we offer our industry by never compromising on it.

Especially when models come from ALL over the world to meet us in this one day, there is so much to appreciate!

Thank you to every model who came and to all the agencies who participated. Every one of you impressed me.


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