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  • Adele Leung

Don't Waste Your Time Faking It

Faking it till you make it in my opinion is a waste of time. Very often we put something on, “hoping” the clothes could magically give us the power we have not taken the steps to own. This falsely gives clothes the power they do not have.

The power is there, but it doesn’t come from your clothes, but from you.

Dressing up to protect is always rooted in the emptiness that we are not enough, we can choose to take this quick route, but it is super volatile. I know well enough how power dressing to look professional without the needed steadiness could easily disappoint when projects go astray. It took me a year to come to this transparency. But owning true professionalism and steadiness in work allows me to dress with no rules, simply with deeper care, well prepared to handle any unexpected situations. That, is the medicine of front footing.

Stripes and checks seemingly cacophonous, yet honing harmony. Burgundy colored socks full of nurturing to carry my golden feet whilst they leave gentle imprints in the world.

Styling is one of the most amazing expression in the world.


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