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  • Adele Leung

Dressing Enrichment

Throughout history fashion has regurgitated many different styles. As a stylist, I have learned to appreciate each and every style, in every style I would see the spark of why that style has come to become "fashionable". Throughout the course of my career, I have also embraced every said style to understand it deeper in how it feels on my body, as no style is actually separate from us. Every single style that exists in the world, is because of a type of personality and do we actually think we are separate from anyone and hence any style? If a stylist feels any tiny ounce of judgement towards any style, then we are only using a small part of our expertise, because let's face it--we meet all different types of personalities and clients, a stylist is to understand each client and what can elevate their image, we are not here to impose what we like onto them.

In fashion, grungy and tattered styles are one such huge movement. Where I grew up in the 80s, torn 501s and broken Converses has been my growing up, not to mention shaving skinheads. This used to be a style that really attracted me, I felt that the external glamor rampant in the world was not something that I agree with, and therefore in reaction I held onto what was broken and poor. Although speaking of poverty, on many instances seeing people wearing beautifully made or expensive brand name clothes still cannot hide the poverty of how a body moves or is being treated. If we treat our body purely as a "meat suit", giving it no or minimal care, no matter what we wear, the disregard would be felt and seen, and yes, might as well be more honest, and dress in rags, stylishly.

A few years ago when the world was heading into a deeper lethargy and non-commitment to life, pyjamas and lounge wear became popular. Realistic world events such as covid and and a change of our previous comfortable life made it difficult to not want to check out. Rather than being settled to what is on-going, we needed our "feel-good" clothes and activities to see us through the tough times, this is all very much understandable. However, if we are aware of this is happening, dropping into the wave of how the world is heading, feels deeply disempowering.

Therefore, many started embracing active wear, and the moving of our bodies more actively became a statement to not want to be held back by the deeply felt lethargy and restrictions. We have given an unprecedented focus towards our physicality in this day and age, which is very much to be appreciated. At least we are starting to care about our state of being. This takes me to my personal experience currently as well.

I have never been so respectful towards the wardrobe that I own. Every piece of clothing is carefully (but non-hesitantly chosen). Every thing that does not support me is easy to let go of and I freely do so. Deepening the adoration of FIRST my body and with myself is the KEY to how much I love my clothes and what I choose to wear. If I do not feel a deep adoration of myself, then everything I wear feels lustreless, no matter how beautiful the clothes may be. But when I adore my body, not needing to flaunt it, sexualise it, not needing anyone to compliment or confirm it, yet neither holding back any ounce of this adoration, then the clothes I choose simply compliment the radiance.

How many of us truly feel total and absolute adoration for ourselves every day?

How many of us feel adoration for ourselves but it is not consistent?

How many of us do not feel adoration at all?

Dressing myself now each day is less of a stimulation or excitement but it is a deepening of how limitless the adoration of myself can actually be. Each and every day it is deepening, and if it doesn't then I would ask myself why, what is preventing this adoration from expanding?What I truly love about style is~it can never remain the same, it keeps growing to express our expansion and love. Change does not need to be huge, but a correct even subtle move changes mountains, which is to be appreciated and never slighted.

If you have felt that your style has been stagnant or unchanging for a long time, but feel it no longer supports you at this stage, welcome to send me a message and we can support you in expressing/dressing in a way which honors where you are at now.


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