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  • Adele Leung

How would you treat something so very precious?

Did these really pretty nails to adore and appreciate these hands for they are bringing a deeply precious form of massage to Hong Kong. Yesterday was my first day working as Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioner, it's nothing special, just another slash to support ourselves to reconnect deeper to our body and the beauty that comes through us all. The form of massage that was offered was the Sacred Esoteric Kidney massage, a modality that is beautifully nurturing to the Hong Kong community, to support our often exhausted bodies.

What I observed in my day was how often we are bounded by pictures and knowledge of how a massage would look like. When I massaged using knowledge, my whole body feels stiff and incarcerated. But when I truly allow not only my hands, but my whole body to do the massage, it felt no different from when I do styling in a photoshoot. I simply know what to pick and combine with what, and all the colours, shapes and proportions would seamlessly reflect something much grander than just me.

I approached the massages this way yesterday and found it was a deeply beautiful and at one movement with God, with the client and with my own body. I must have known it would be so precious and asked to do these lovely nails to commemorate the grand volume that is on offer. I loved connecting with every single one of the clients who came, felt their preciousness to the core.

If you are interested about the Sacred Esoteric Kidney massage, DM me for inquiries

Bookings can be made at Sycamore Academy


Nails by Nu Atelier

IG: nuatelierhk


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