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  • Adele Leung

Improve Style by Giving up on Pictures

Why reduce ourselves in the area of styling and dressing up? Often we think putting clothes on is not an important or integral part of our lives if we are not a public figure or a celebrity. Or we simply pray this aspect of our lives we can totally banish the responsibility to a professional (or to our spouses or moms) so it could be taken care of forever...not.

Styling, not unlike our job, would not simply happen in a blink of an eye. It could only become something we own when we consistently commit to it, making “mistakes”, stepping out of our comfort zones, feeling confident if something has worked, being honest if we are lost, but never giving up. And that is why your stylist divine could support you in this sacred (and slightly intimidating) process.

The only thing we can give up on styling is the pictures that we carry—such as:

1)styling is unimportant because it is superficial and only for the narcissistic

2)it could only work if you have a lot of money to spend or only buy expensive things

3)it is only for those who are perfect in body shape or size, or have lots of parties or events to attend

4)I’m too busy for it

5)it would be too boring for me if I wear the same clothes every day

These are only a few detrimental pictures we would be doing ourselves a huge favor if we let them go, and truly discover what the power of styling (and expression) is about.

For example, I would not judge what I wear to a production meeting as more important to what I wear to buy my groceries (and I go to the market every day); nor would I compare whether what I wear physically seeing someone as more important than meeting another on zoom or even meeting no one but myself that day. And I certainly do not only dress up to be on social media. Because styling like a fountain, is a natural expression when it is nurtured, something that cannot be held back, not because where I go or who I meet. It is far grander—an exercise to reveal and deepen self-worth.


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