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  • Adele Leung

Presenting Brands and Fashion

I had a realisation years ago--I love all fashion brands and I can style (or wear) any brand, not because I am perfect in my styling skills or in my physical appearance (although I absolutely adore the way I am and it changes!), but because of a deep respect and love for this industry. Love for my industry is NOT accepting any nonsense and abuse that this industry perhaps has for aeons moved in, I do not care how long, but respect and only respect and love are my sole focus.

So being a professional in this industry, what right do I have but to be obediently in love and adoration of every single brand that is a part of this fantastical industry? This realisation was huge. As throughout the years it was so easy to have favorites--I prefer this brand to that, I can wear this more beautifully than that, I love dresses more than jeans etc etc. It was not a wholesome and complete beholding, and thus, I am still measured in how much I give to my industry and that did not sit well with me.

From that year on, I became ever more inspired by everything that I come across in the fashion industry. There were many aspects that I was not familiar with, and I started lapping these experiences up as if it was my first day working here. But it was super inspiring and my every cell started to vibrate in joy.

I was invited on jobs to present different brands. This is only possible when there are no pre-conceived ideas of what a brand means to me. Instead, I go in with absolute openness to appreciate. And it is this appreciation and depth of understanding of a brand that allows me to share the essence of its design, philosophy and relationship (the most important part as it relates to us, the consumers) what this brand is about. This is a beholding love that my entire being is 100% behind--no matter what brand I work for, what brand I represent, it is the fire of the people working in such brands, their burning messages and passion, that I pinpoint and not let go, until it is deeply communicated to the world. When this is not compromised, not only the brands, but the customers, the sales, the crew, the clients, every single party receive this fire.

This is the only way to truly say, this is an industry that I represent.


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