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  • Adele Leung

Private Client Wardrobe Consultations

Recently I met with a client who needed a wardrobe consultation, it truly made me realize the power of this work and appreciate it so much more.

In our very busy lives all over the world, life has almost become auto-pilot. We wake up tired to go to another day of work and clothes or how we dress ourselves ,may be the last thing we have time for. We want everything to be ready there for us so we can just jump into the never ending demands we face in work and in life.

When we are disconnected with ourselves, we tend to not like ourselves very much. And not liking ourselves makes it harder to look at ourselves--our image and our wardrobe. We are all sensitive beings, and we can sense the choices we have made in life do not support us and it's hard to face ourselves sometimes.

When a client approaches me for a consultation it is always amazing--firstly, either they have reached the point of not liking themselves so much that they ask for help, which in my point of view, is a very wise and loving decision for themselves; or they have started to like themselves for the choices they have made, so upgrading their wardrobe and style is their choice now. Isn't that amazing either way?

And no matter what my client's needs are, a personal consultation is bespoke exactly for their needs and the stage where they are at. There are no rules or only one way for any session, rather, clients get exactly the dose of practical and self-care wisdom they need. It is such a deep compliment to see every client walk away shining and more connected to their own deep gorgeousness.

*Adele is available for private client wardrobe consultations, corporate styling consultations for both men and women of all ages



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