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  • Adele Leung

REDRESS Design Award--sneak peak at the finalists' collections

What a joy to attend the fashion show of the REDRESS Design Award 2022's finalists' collections yesterday. Not only could we see the 10 finalist's collections up close, we were also the first to use AR filters to see the digital garments on ourselves, how cool is that?

The REDRESS Design Award is not just the world's largest sustainable fashion design competition, organised by REDRESS, the program equips emerging fashion professionals to put their awareness and skills into tackling the issue of textile waste with circular design techniques.

The 10 finalists shone their designs yesterday not just up to the very high standards of the fashion runway, they also prided their designs being environmentally sustainable.

Amongst the 10 designers, Patrick Lam is Hong Kong's very own designer.

Apart from appreciating the designs, what came to me yesterday was, sustainable fashion is heading along the way to make it better for the planet and perhaps for the industry as well. Working in fashion for so long, I realised how fashion sometimes is super disciplined in our aesthetics, our craftsmanship, our production techniques, our production costs etc. The standards we hold for ourselves, the expression of the collection and brand imagery are all quality we uphold.

And yet something in me suddenly yearned for a very real human touch, just a hug, a raw expression in which I sometimes find rare in the expression of fashion. And so with no further adieu, BRINGING THAT in my every encounter with fashion, see how amazing the finalists' pieces look? Wearing high creative quality fashion without sacrificing our warm connection, inviting every person to realise that within themselves, oh this is PRICELESS in fashion! #authority #fashion



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