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  • Adele Leung

Sacred Esoteric Kidney Massage--Bring back the Fire

What has a kidney massage got to do with fashion?!

Fashion to me has never been just about the superficial/physical, in fact, it never begins with the physicality, but it is through our physical body that we dress and adorn fashion. Our physical body must feel adored for fashion to look beautiful and natural on our bodies, and this feeling of adoration must first begin within ourselves.

For over 25 years serving in fashion, at least for the last 10 years the exploration of how to nurture what is within this body, so that the physicality of this body can continue to serve in fashion, has been my focus and that is why I would love to share about the Sacred Esoteric Kidney Massage with you.

Our kidneys are the centres of our life force. When the kidneys are healthy and not contracted we will feel vital and a sustainable surge of true energy within our body, what we call fire. If our kidneys are contracted, we may feel pain, exhaustion, lethargy, a lack of commitment to life, worry, anxiousness, sleeplessness, a lack of quality in sleep or a general holding back and timidness.

When I take care of my kidneys and my life force, the expression in my day, be it in the way I express with clothes, or simply just how I carry myself, the commitment I have with work and life all have a different quality, there is QUALITY rather than a casualness or disregard. This is actually super important because how often do we express with a casualness in how we dress ourselves especially when we feel tired and depressed? Our clothes may be wrinkly or dirty or we are not even sure what we have put on ourselves. Our hair is messy or our face has a lack of radiance, eye bags and dark eye circles become our signature makeup.

I have been there myself, so this is not a judgement to anyone.

So before we even decide what clothes would look amazing on, or before we even entertain the thought to want to upgrade the self-respect we have with ourselves and the relationship we have with clothes, it is wise to go back to base one, firstly, to nurture the relationship we have with our bodies and how we feel (within) this amazing vehicle of expression. If we constantly feel tired, exhausted, anxious or depressed, we know there is something we have to look at and not just ignore.

This is a super gentle massage that does not have any pushing or pulling of the skin or body, and yet it is very powerful. The practitioner allows the space for the client to reconnect to his/her own fire (our true energy) during the session. No healing is performed or carried out with the massage, instead it is the client's own reconnection with his/her fire, that initiate any healing. Throughout these years, I have administered this massage to some of the creatives I work with in the industry, and I know how exhausted our bodies are. Not just in fashion but in every industry, we carry this exhaustion in our bodies. Therefore to self-care is one of my priorities in life, for how else can I keep serving in this industry that I love?

I am offering this massage to the public here in Hong Kong, please contact myself or Sycamore for more information or for bookings.

Sycamore Instagram:

Adele Leung Instagram: msadelecommunity


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