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  • Adele Leung

That Mother In The Office

You may find that every office has a mom role. This role sometimes not only imposes and controls its own staff, but the vendors employed who do not belong to the company. This mom role is often “nice” meaning they “care” about the “ducklings” but the staff can never work to their “sky high” standards, in fact, no one can.

The evil of mothering consciousness at work gives someone the nasty right to impose their (un)godly arrogance and superiority upon another to hide their own deep and poor insecurities. Gross.

Often I find myself as this mom role and my breath and a flutter of an eye lid is sufficient to make someone be seriously in doubt for a lifetime without me knowing! How insidious.

A dominatrix mom role need not only appear as bitchy or manly, it could sometimes appear weak or nice or even like a victim, but the iron fist control is apparent~which is what our world wants us to be. Crushing another is normal business in work, it’s expected, right? Nope.

Allowing myself to see deeper all the cobwebs and blind spots of what is going on and being aware to move differently, hey, not wasting a second heartbeat to self-berate and just getting on with it to truly live what is leadership.



Welcome Boss. From now on it’s Responsibility~temporal AND energetic.


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