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The Golden Era of Fashion Styling

I was one of the very fortunate people who lived through the golden era of fashion and fashion publications during the 90's in Hong Kong, not to mention that I also joined the iconic fashion/youth/culture magazine <<Amoeba>> as an editor then.

It was a glamorous time of Hong Kong movies and fashion, and I was very lucky to have been able to witness it. Wong Kar Wai movies were in the hearts of every youth, as a culture we glorify the roaring sea of emotionality within us but expressed so subtly like a ripple in a glass calm lake. That was also the time when Japanese culture inspired and left a huge mark, opening up romanticism in stoic reservation, oh how I remembered how my love affairs were then.

The emotions we feel within ourselves is starting to wake up, and because it was not simply expressed, it was through the channels of creativity that we begin to discover ourselves deeper.

To discover ourselves deeper is hugely sacred. We start to re-awaken the particles in our body to feel. Feeling becomes a rebellious act because we have shut up something very natural. During those early days of working in a magazine which encouraged the youth of Hong Kong to express madly, wildly and passionately about our loves, our needs, ourselves, it was like a breaking open a dam to have the reservoir rush out.

This re-connect with our feelings inside and out, in rawness, however much we are willing to be honest is medicine for the soul. Giving ourselves the permission to truly express this with no reservation is breath for living and not just exisiting.


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