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  • Adele Leung

Value Creativity

Many creatives that I have come across, especially those who are naturally creative and expressive often find that creativity is something they breathe, and thus something effortless, therefore, they don't value it as much as they absolutely should. We have been drilled into us that whatever is hard and that we don't like doing, that makes us anxious, something we have to put a lot of time to research and practice, is only worth valuing-but that is absolutely not true.

Creativity is not something that can be studied and it is not book knowledge. You cannot really sit in an exam for creativity. Yes, for creative skills and techniques, but creative expression is something that comes through creatives. Yet, what quality of creativity comes through someone, is work. The work that is involved is much much farther and grander than skills and techniques. It is a devotion and commitment towards how we move in daily life-it is ritual and it is our Livingness and it is much more extensive than the creative work that we do. For example, how we eat, how we sleep, how we speak, how we are in relationships etc. directly affects the quality of creativity that is expressed in our work! This is actually priceless, but definitely it is worthy and deeply valuable.

Creativity is not only what we see with our eyes. What we define and respond as cool, avant garde, eye-ball stimulating is nothing but an energy that we sense and feel. Love, which is actually a stillness, is also an energy that can come through in our work. Most often than not, what comes through creative work is stimulation (excitement) that we exclaim wow and cool-stimulation may give us an adrenaline rush, but equally stimulation is always married with withdrawal, the downer that completes this union. Creativity is often emotional, huge ups and downs-but are we aware how this impacts on our body?

What naturally comes through a creative (when there is no effort) and what comes through when a force is applied (effort, knowledge, insistence, arrogance, entitlement etc.), the former may not "look" as wow as the latter, but what comes with force will always leave us devastated in some way. Therefore, creatives who work naturally-although their work may not be "recognized" as so wow, should always appreciate the HUMONGOUS value that their work brings. It is healing rather than harming.

Therefore, what is naturally a creative's talent has to be deeply treasured, as it is precious. Never succumb to any goading that your work is not good enough, that you are not cool enough. Never charge less because of this, but also never react towards anyone who is not ready to appreciate you-as there are many of you precious ones out there! Never hide because of this, because you are so super needed in this industry.


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