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Adele Leung--Self Love Series for HK01 Being Ms

In this series of short clips Adele​ shares her insights of life and how to deepen self-love through her relatable every day experiences.

What makes a woman powerful--we never need to be perfect

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What makes a woman powerful--the power to stop

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What makes a woman powerful--introduction

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Adele explores what makes a woman a role model

Are There Fairy Tales In Relationships?

Adele finds that letting go of fairy tale pictures allow her to live an amazing relationship

Recently Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, this perfect on-screen couple has announced their separation, seriously, is there hope left in love and relationships?

If we have a perfect picture when we fall in love, is it not true that before dating this relationship is a bit rocky? Could it really be this serious?

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When Single Parents Date Again, How Do We Support Our Children Through This Change?

Adele supports herself through life changes to support her son

I spent most of the last 14 years living with my son alone, and I deeply appreciate this time we have had and the relationship we have built.


After all 14 years is not a short time!


Around a year ago I started a committed romantic relationship and my son felt his place at home was not the same as before. I had no clue what can be done, all I knew was any disharmony felt by anyone in the home affects the whole family.


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What Do We Do With Holiday Blues?

Adele Leung went on vacation after a long break and discovers a new way to travel.

What I realised was actually work, travel or vacation is one life, there is no separation. So if in vacation I have chosen to check out, what then will this void be filled with? If I choose not to commit to life on a vacation, will this affect how I can get back to life in Hong Kong?

Now I choose to deal with work and life with the same attitude, and I find that I am much more joyful than before, as this joy has no transitional period.

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How Do We Sustain The Sweetness in Relationships?

My sweetness in life and relationship is my choice.

In relationships, the joy and care we give to each other starts from first caring for ourselves.

My sweetness in life is not the choice of life or any other person, it is my choice each and every moment.

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Who Do We Dress For?

After 20 years in the Fashion Industry, Adele decides to dress for herself.

One day, I chose to dress for myself.

And I realised then that when I can respect myself and to dress for me without any reactions to the world, this respect is naturally extended to others.

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What Is Security?

When Adele finds out the security she has been working hard for all her life has not given her any security at all...

What allowed me to feel safe is not to fear life or to protect myself, rather it is to say yes to life and to appreciate every challenging situation. When I chose to live this way, I started gradually to step out of my self-created limitations of "I could only be that". Today, I am doing a lot of things I have never imagined doing.

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What To Do After Divorce?

Adele Leung shares her choice to stop feeling exhausted about divorce.

In the process of my divorce, I have been separated with another, but I began a marriage with myself.

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Would having a perfect picture of marriage lead to an imperfect marriage?

Adele talks about her what she really married in her two marriages

Having an ideal picture of marriage, we are marrying our pictures and not the person we are with.

So in my relationship with my partner today, I choose to be having a relationship with people, that is with myself and with my partner, and not with any pictures.

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Do we take family relations for granted?

Adele Leung shares her experience on parenting

Have we realized our relationships with family can be easily taken for granted?

When we do not first take care of ourselves, we often expect others, especially family, to take care of us.

But is this really love?

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Are we less of a woman if our feet were big?

Adele Leung talks about being a big foot

Every woman likes to buy shoes, I am no exception.
I went to a shoe sample sale recently, all the shoes there are either sizes 37 or 39.
I am a size 38 or I thought I was a size 38.
I have always thought myself to be a “big foot”. Friends wear 36 or 37 and my mom has tiny feet , she wears size 35.
I have convinced myself that women with big feet are ugly.

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Have we tried being Wonder Woman?

Adele Leung trying to be Wonder Woman this is what happens next

Have we tried being Wonder Woman?

I don't mean being Wonder Woman on Halloween, but being the type of woman who says we can do it all.

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