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  • Adele Leung

How Do We Sustain The Sweetness in Life?

When we are first in a relationship, we usually feel the sweetness, but can this feeling be sustained?

If we allow time to control how long a relationship can be sweet for, such as if can only be sweet during our honeymoon period, or that a marriage will start to deteriorate after 7 years, this just feels super disempowering.

With many things in life, I choose to redefine them with what my heart feels to be true. Such as, the sweetness in my life is my own choice.

There is obviously a common purpose between two people if they choose to be in a relationship. And my purpose is to sustain joy and sweetness. So I commit to everything that brings us joy and sweetness in life.

I am an early-riser, in the morning I would prepare breakfast and lunch of the both of us. Every morning we begin our sweetness with a meal that sustains and nourishes us. Because of his profession, my partner is a hair stylist, he would do my hair every morning, so his care stays with me the whole day.

If I woke up late that morning because I didn't care for myself and slept late the night before, I would not have time to make breakfast and then I also couldn't care for the both of us. Therefore, the joy and care we give to each other starts from first caring for ourselves.

My sweetness in life is not the choice of life or any other person, it is my choice each and every moment.

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