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  • Adele Leung

COSMO X Dove Campaign

What joy to be invited to be a part of the recent COSMO X Dove Campaign.

Women face huge pressure of having to fit into a certain standard of beauty daily. Not only that, jealousy and comparison is the number disease in the world, and the judgement we receive as well as throw out makes being a woman feel even more challenging!

I have always felt a certain level of jealousy around--and have also been jealous sometimes aware and sometimes not aware of it. However, recently I realised that any little ounce of jealousy we hurl or feel directed at us, is a humungous attack on ourselves and the people we compare ourselves with. No one therefore feels like themselves or in their fullness, but everyone suffers and feels small and contracted. This force, when we are not aware of it can make us shut down for our whole lives feeling insufficient and unsettled, how awful the disease of jealousy really is.

The campaign was led by artist Janice Vidal, which I had been dying to meet personally on the day of the shoot. I was overjoyed to know that I would be participating in the campaign with Janice, as she has worked closely with my husband before and seeing her recent view point on empowering women with her experiences simply made me feel close to her. So it was no surprise that I couldn't hold back my hug for her!

This is my third time working for Dove, and I always appreciate that every project Dove encourages different types of women to work together and to just be themselves. Every time I get to observe if I compare with others or if I could drop comparison and simply be full and support each other. Every time I get to learn to simply just embrace all of who I am and just be that, it is then the greatest protection towards any judgement or jealousy. To simply just be our Joy, Love, Harmony, Stillness and Truth, it is truly Magnificent and who has time to then compare?

With the whole of my heart, I thank COSMO for inviting me to this project again, and their super professional execution of the project and shooting just inspires me to give all of me to them. I had so much fun and danced without reservation in their shoot, thank you for allowing the space to be free, to smile without any holding back and most importantly, to share this with the whole world.

*See the full video in the model section


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