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  • Adele Leung

Only a Custodian

So very often we think we own our bodies.

How we look, what we wear, we own these things, right? We develop our styles, purchase certain brands, because we look to own an image, the way we feel, to project and to present. Even not caring and withdrawing with not wanting to have anything to do with style, is also ownership on the disregard of our bodies. Because we think we have ownership, we can then do whatever we like with it.

I’ve always found it impossible to own any style. Because no style can in-truth be owned by me. My body is only a custodian in presenting what needs to be presented in different circumstances. Whatever is needed to be received by others, I will obediently express it. So my style is forever changing, for whatever is needed, not for myself, but for the receiving from others.

When I do not have ownership to my body nor the style that is expressed, there is no expectation or disappointment. There is a freedom to express, without the need to copy, follow trends, be praised...nor is there the trepidation to be judged. I can never copy what I wore even yesterday, because the call to express today is not then same as yesterday. This is the power and service of what styling can be. I own nothing for anyone to be judged. It is purely a freedom to express--a responsibility rather than personal fulfilment.

With this uncompromising foundation in styling, every person, every job, every standpoint, every denominator, every community, every ideal we hold about ourselves, our body, our image, our age, or physicality that I meet with, will also receive a grander freedom than what had been.


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