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  • Adele Leung

Uncompromising Style

Absolutely honoured to be one of the panel guests of a recent event: "Uncompromising Style: Why Settling For Less Is Never An Option" organised by Meler Productions and Frey. On a Friday night after work, many gorgeous and inspiring women in their respective fields met in the space of Frey, designs which speak timelessness and craftsmanship. The event was opened by moderator Fionna, from Meler Productions, together with the founder and CEO of Frey, Frederieke van Doorn and fellow panel guest Chelsea Perino.

From a stylist and a woman point of view, style is definitely our own personal brand, a CV that speaks way before we go to any interview, or show up for a first date. How we dress, express ourselves with NO apology, NO compromise, NO holding back but FULL of ourselves (not the bastardised version of arrogance and entitlement), in fact so FULL that there is no room for doubt, for any untoward and immature behaviours, for timidity, for hiding, for hardness, for any skerrick of self-critique or bashing. How can we NOT compromise our fullness in Style, really?

We cannot rar rar ourselves and each other and say--just head on wear sharp colors, or this brand or that brand, it does not work that way. We would only be copying another and it always fail. Our own Uncompromising Style starts with an unreserved ADORATION we first have with ourselves. This adoration depends naught on the outside--our work, our career, our family, our relationships, our bank accounts. If this adoration is not felt, it cannot be lived.

Hence, in the work that I do, in every shoot that is attended to, every event presented, even every person that comes to speak with me, every wardrobe styled, it is a care that will be unreservedly given to, for it to be felt. A care that every person too know inside their bodies, so that through this care, the clothes we select for ourselves (or is selected for you if working with me), also is uncompromising of the true power, deep sacredness, sky rocketing levels of preciousness and sass that is within a woman and all women (and men).

Thank you to everyone who was at the event that day, absolutely stoked to be presenting next to Chelsea Perino who is infectious in her vivaciousness and solidity, and Frederieke van Doorm who is timelessness in personification. Every woman whom I was honoured to meet personally that night, you have all been so exquisite.

Photos: @takuya_hk


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