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  • Adele Leung


What makes a woman beautiful?

Delicate features, a sculpted body, youth, their smile....what really makes a woman beautiful?

Most women would like to be adored, loved, treasured...who wouldn't?

Needing to be loved, most of the time we think we have to earn this love by becoming better.

Am I thin enough?

Young enough?

Tall enough?

My skin supple enough?

Do I do enough?

Do I give enough?

Pleasing another because we are in need of something (love) in return already takes us away from living the truth of who we are. We think we "know" how to get love, but we end up not knowing we are restricted from truly connecting to our own Love. Then what are we really getting when we are needy of love, needy to being liked, needing to be beautiful?

Most of my life has existed for the sake of others. How they like how I am. How they will feel comfortable. How niceness keeps us locked in a level that never truly touches on intimacy. Niceness and neediness is forever being restricted in playing small. In playing small we are never truly responsible, we are swayed by all the choices of others, we are always the victims of another's haphazard irresponsibility. How sickening. Because being small seems less threatening to being aggressive, but the harm that is done is equally or even more destructive, as who would call out the harm on someone who seems to be a victim?

The most beautiful I know of any woman is when they are absolute on Truth. Absoluteness without perfection in expressing Truth and living it. There is not an ounce of need if you like her or not, there is not even that need to like herself, because need is not the emphasis. When she looks in the mirror (but there isn't this need), no matter how she looks she is in full adoration of not her physicality but her absoluteness with Truth. Oh there may be moments when she shies away, not because she doesn't adore herself, but because she is settling in how truly GRAND what is being felt truly. And most of our lives, a woman accepting her beauty comes from being settled not of her flaws, but actually of her ABSOLUTE multidimensional grandness felt.

This is the true process of returning to beauty.


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