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  • Adele Leung

Biggest Badass melts all Badasses

How many times have we met certain people or situations which we cannot fathom where the hostility is coming from? Where a seemingly innocent situation being met with a coldness or hardness that seems to come out of nowhere? And how many times have we felt hurt/crushed or have hardened ourselves head on fighting back in reaction?

Over the years I have experienced countless of such events. Strangers showing up and being rude before any words have been exchanged, people knocking you down on the street physically as if they have the right to do so etc. and I can say every time I'd either felt hurt, felt shocked "how could they!?" or reacted back vehemently "don't you dare!". And therefore every time I have given in to being taken away from my equanimity.

How often have we lamented on the state of the world, where bullies are roaming. A world where the most basic decency and respect are lacking. How many of us therefore hardened ourselves to become a bully too or have withdrawn and become a master of pathetic? I've been there on both sides.

But recently I decided NO. When met with seemingly shocking situations, bullies and badasses that threaten as if there is no tomorrow, my response was to not leave myself. Instead of falling into cowering timidity or enraged explosiveness, I simply remained with myself and in my jot/lightness. I even adored the badasses in front of me and saw their hardness melt, looked me in the eyes where I simply with the greatest joy acknowledged their divinity.

And I realised every badass in the world is waiting for the biggest badass (one who does not buy into the model of crushing or being crushed) to confirm that they too know this truth.

Holding another and all others (first ourselves) in this divinity is the biggest and true badass action of all. It melts all the badasses in the world by what they too feel is true within themselves.

That is why God made badasses and badass experiences.


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