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  • Adele Leung

Eat Light, Look and Feel Fabulous

Being a Fashion Stylist, I deeply respect my body, because it is through my body that clothes can be expressed. If I do not adore my body in any way, shape or form, then the clothes that I put on myself will be a distraction, cover up or pretence and it will not be true. So loving our body is key if we want to look and feel fabulous, and the way we eat is equally as important as what clothes we put on ourselves.

Recently whilst visiting Australia, I have come to hugely adore the practice of cooking and eating together with friends. We make super delicious and scrumptious meals to share. The experience has left a deep imprint of appreciation with me. For over 10 years I have been eating gluten and dairy free, but this trip has offered me deeper inspirations on food and on sharing food.

Why eat gluten and dairy free? I have no interest in preaching about what food to eat or not eat, that just seems hugely imposing!But I have started to adore my body much more though after being gluten and dairy free, because of how light my body feels. It gives me a lot of energy and neither my body nor my moods weigh me down like it used to. If you have ever wondered why I smile so much, perhaps this has something to do with it!

In our styling consultations, if clients welcome the idea to go deeper, we can support with not just how to look fabulous physically but to feel fabulous coming from the inside out, starting from the lifestyle choices we make such as with food, so that our looks and style are our foundation, one that we can return to often as a marker and to deepen consistently with, independent from trends and the overwhelm of information and knowledge that we receive constantly, to feel less than and not enough.

On this note, I would love to share with you some photos of the lovely times spent cooking in Australia. It is endearing to take the power to adore ourselves, others and we absolutely deserve to adore this body, supporting it to feel and look its most fabulous.

Photos: Krister, Adele

In photos: Kerstin, Chan


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