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  • Adele Leung

Light Up True Change

Recently we handled a production from start to finish and I am so proud of our entire crew! Schedule was tight as usual but I felt the IMMENSE support along the way and for that I truly appreciate the miracles in life. This is a video commercial that rode on the theme of "Family" and it coincided with a lot of happenings within my own family, which is always gorgeous to observe.

I am super proud of our film director, as his creative and directing throughout the entire film is something otherworldly. He can capture human and especially family relations to such depth, everything he has produced in this genre (and I wholeheartedly recommend him) has always touched me to the core. In fact, the whole day whilst we were shooting, just observing the process and the directing has deepened my feeling for family, so simply.

Not to dismiss that commercials can touch one's heart and not just stimulate and impart information--it is absolute gold.

This is the True Change I feel is happening in our familial relationships. Often in Asian cultures, so much is unspoken and kept in the heart. Affection, love, care...all of these are felt but not always expressed. And yet in our daily lives, are we aware enough to pick up on them, are we still enough to appreciate them? Also, are we willing to burst out of the change and actually adore and share our feelings? Families often have huge expectations and attachments on each other, are we steady enough to truly give another space and walk solidly without co-dependency?

Back to our work this time, it took a huge steady breath of air and lots of surrender. Every moment needed to be appreciated. All our togetherness as a team, all the communication we were willing to go to, all the YESES we said without conditions, it has been another milestone to cross, not just as a company, but as a group of human beings who are growing and deepening with each other.

I am adoring such opportunities and will be very happy to honour all such opportunities in the coming future.

Once again we thank our clients, the artists involved, all crew and everyone who has supported the project.


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