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  • Adele Leung

Moving House, Moving Mountains

Recently I moved after staying in a place for 10 years. The movement was monumental in its significance, as the entire move from receiving the impulse to settling in took place within less than a month. The huge resistance became insignificant as the foot steps were steady.

Moving from a house which we have identified and sought security in for 10 years is an enormous letting go, and it is deeply settling to feel that as a family we are saying yes. For years we have lived together, but we have kept our conditions, expectations, judgements etc and within a common space, what we call family is actually the farthest from being close.

Coming into the new space does not mean we will automatically become one in unity, but what has been moved, is our awareness of the how separated the term family has been loosely used in the past. And it's okay if we are not able to be moving in unison, but at least let's be honest about this and hold each other in the deepest love. Closeness cannot be made to happen by control, fantasy, hope, whining or any expectation, that is all just a delay to live closeness which is simply just to hold everyone in observation.

Mountains are moved each day with just observation, it is simple. But sometimes it takes us a lot of stubbornness to come back to such simplicity. This move although so imperfect, has been a YES for at least 3 people on this earth, to start walking back to the simplicity of observation (love) within family.


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