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  • Adele Leung

Are There Fairy Tales In Love?

Recently Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, this perfect on-screen couple has announced their separation, seriously, is there hope left in love and relationships?

If we have a perfect picture when we fall in love, is it not true that before dating this relationship is a bit rocky? Could it really be this serious?

When I first met my partner around 10 years ago, I knew he was younger than me, but didn't know by how many years. My picture in relationships then is my partner has to be older than me and we have to be able to communicate.

We didn't see each other for many years and when we met again a year ago, in our first meet up, he said, "Will you be my girlfriend?" And I asked, "When were you born?" It was only then that I realised we were 10 years apart.

Our life styles were very different. If we wanted to see each other, we could only meet for about 2 hours each day. But because we wanted to see each very much, so we met consistently for 2-3 hours every day.

Our eating habits were very different also. When we eat out, I would usually go eat with him first and then he would go eat with me, in different restaurants.

Our way of communication is also very different. I couldn't understand most of what he says in the beginning and he constantly jokes that I sound like an ETV teacher (Educational Television)!

But we never tried to change ourselves or each other because of our differences. Rather, we appreciate and were constantly inspired by our differences.

For example, because I didn't understand his way of communication in the beginning, I was even more committed to understanding it and discovered a whole new adorable way to express.

Clearly, this partner and relationship is constantly challenging me to let go of the fairy tale pictures I have held about relationships. And honestly, if we start a relationship with a perfection picture, how could it really work? As every relationship needs our constant nurturing and deep care to open up more understanding with ourselves and each other every day.

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