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  • Adele Leung

Casual Wear Never Really Comforts Unless You Admit Your Crap

Casual wear—never expect casual wear to comfort you when you are feeling crap, it won’t. Deal with your issues and look at why you’re feeling crap in the first place. Feeling crap because of certain choices we make in life is a consequence, and dragging clothing or styling in as a distraction to how we have chosen, is obviously not going to work. Haha but we love the drama of it all, as we could then blame the clothes too—how they don’t make us feel amazing.  We are incredible aren’t we?

How I wear casual wear—and I have avoided this whole genre for decades, because I really didn’t feel casual at all or honest enough to wear them, is now one of my favorites! So happens it is the “trend” too, how awesome! I wear casual/active wear when I really feel active and ready for life. Just getting on with it fires me up. ❤️


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