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  • Adele Leung

Catch Self-limiting Thoughts

Even though I know I’m pretty amazing, sometimes the sneaky thoughts still come in to tell me I’m not good enough, although it is quite clear that they are pretty lame.

So in terms of styling when I hear these self-critiquing thoughts, I would not waste a moment to indulge them. I do this by immediately choosing to adore myself deeper through self-care. Such as how even more lovingly I put cream on my face, how extra gentle I am when I comb my hair.

In the past I have always shied away from bulky sweaters as I think they overpower me—but no more. I put on this beautiful long and huge sweater and find that when I walk with myself with loads of care, I am the captain of my body and my thoughts. Rather than being drowned by the sweater, it complimented my light and flowing movements, and it is super comfy.


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