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  • Adele Leung

Levi's 501 Girls Project Love Bombed Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been going through a tighter limitation with covid measures recently, the atmosphere of the city as well as globally with the war between Russia and Ukraine on-going, has been one of stress and distress. It was during this time that the Levi's 501 Girls Project kick started in Hong Kong on March 8th, 2022 during International Women's Day.

This concept was consolidated just a few weeks before the launch with Levi's. What could we collaboratively bring to support women and girls, as well as Hong Kong through fashion?

The idea of supporting 10 selected women to take self-love selfies with the new ladies 501's and latest apparel from Levi's came about effortlessly. During the time when the selfies were taken, we met with them in support groups on zoom to troubleshoot any challenges they may have. The ease of taking these selfies grew with practice, and the focus being self-care and self-love--not berating ourselves in our physicality, but supporting ourselves to feel the love and joy that we are when we face the camera.

Three women were also selected to participate in a professional styling and photography session with myself and our amazing crew. Not only were the ladies transformed in their appearance and style, this transformation went much deeper than skin deep, as we can clearly see it in the beautiful ladies before and after body movements/confidence.

True styling comes from the inside out. It is much more than just clothes, although our clothes are very important for us to express ourselves.

The love, attention and adoration these 10 women gave back to themselves during the project whilst they dressed themselves with care and took a selfie with love, opened up a group momentum in Hong Kong that was deeply felt.

Stay tuned for the videos of this project soon.

Creative Director & Stylist: Adele Leung

Photographer: CK @secret9productions


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