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  • Adele Leung

Fire spitting Year of the Dragon

Working in fashion, you are always working in the future.

Technically, I already experienced Chinese New Year 4 months ago, when this campaign was shot for the lunar new year collection, and to me, it was done and completed. The experience was so humungous (which happens for every single campaign, every single shoot I have ever been in over 20+ years), that in one moment, I had a realisation of what true family was about.

Chinese New Year is historically and culturally about family, the physical togetherness of our blood family in celebration, typically with food. Family are dressed in new clothes, everything signifying a new beginning--a better one from the last. The aspirational element of the new year provides celebratory words we speak to each other as a must, to elevate the chances of good luck and wealth. It is a time when people are aware they may be depressive or negative with their thoughts and language, and it is prohibited because in the lunar new year, nothing should come in to lessen the luck that the new year is promised to bring. We do have to work at it though--to dress in red, to giving red packets and to share good will, be joyful to everyone we meet for at least 15 days. Whether we truly feel happy or we mean what we say is less important, what happens on face value is what counts. The whole family with lots of people, lots of motion, is what a happy Chinese family is about.

During the shoot, none of the talents know each other or are they a real family. None of them are actually married either or have children. But they are shooting as a family with 2 kids, with an uncle, meeting and having dinner back in China during the festival. When I observed the movements of the actors during the video shoot, the subtle intimacy is very Asian but cannot be ignored. I smiled at the substance of what is being created.

The Arizona Red Chinese New Year mainline varsity reversible bomber is just the right blend of red and fiery orange, so fresh, so uplifting, so youthful, but any Chinese has their familiar subtlety, its Desert Blue (navy) side is just the perfect balance-how ingenious. The bomber comes in both men and women versions. The varsity logo button-up cardigans are also very neat and sophisticated, the casual elegance of being with family expressed to the point. Women's monogram one piece dresses in red or gold steal my heart, hugging the female figure beautifully, and the gold is lush yet premium, there is no abrasiveness whatsoever.

The campaign visuals capture a true intimate family, one where the body postures and movements of the family members are open to each other. There is connection. No one is actually heads down with a phone. People look into each other's eyes, they are actually enjoying the food. There is no shyness or take advantage-ness present. Openness is loudly apparent. Intimacy is boisterous. This is a family captured-often in our dreams and fantasies, however, it need not be the case.

What this campaign shoot has inspired me is, to not wait for the dream to happen. And neither to waste time to lament that it is only a dream. Make it happen. Talk to the family members that we have. Look them in the eye. Enjoy meals with them phone free. Call them up to chat daily. Invite them to dinner and not just your friends. Make it happen with our movements. Emphasise not on those who don't respond, focus on the ones who do. It takes only one person to start moving in any family, and to keep walking to hone back in the taken for granted-ness that families have been spoiled in. But we know what truly makes us joyful- a true connection that expresses out! So that not only can we dress up every day in beautiful clothes of premium quality, we can express the richness that comes from inside our hearts in all of our movements. The dragon spits fire, let the past burn away, and we lay down our own future with each step freshly taken. Welcoming you to a fire spitting year of the Dragon.

Visuals Credit: Tommy Hilfiger

Wardrobe: Tommy Hilfiger Chinese New Year Main Line 2023

Photography: Mengzhi

Production: Mad Carrot Production

Styling: Adele Leung


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