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  • Adele Leung

Summer Soiree Layering

Summer is here! Styling doesn't have to be boring in the heat. Apart from the typical t-shirts and shorts, and tank tops and cropped tops, you can still dress elegantly and not melt in the summer weather.

I love wearing silks in the summer-anything silk just melts my heart, such as shirts, blouses, trench coats, mini dresses, long skirts, you name it. Silks are just so elegant and beautiful to feel. I love to wear silks by layering it with a good quality bra top, so that the silks have a layer of insulation if you do tend to sweat. I've chosen a bra top in a delicate tulle fabric here, and it matches stunningly with the delicate exquisiteness of this pink silk cropped tie top.

If we pay equal presence to dress our under garment layer as our outer layers, essentially we have two looks in one. Such as simply wearing the bra top with a pair of pants in the day time if you are outdoors in the heat, and slipping the silky number on for a more soiree look, when you head to dinner at dusk.

Make your wardrobe simple-but effective. Only select and put on what is essential-enough and never too much. Our gorgeousness makes up all the rest.


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