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  • Adele Leung

Never work a day in your life

Often times I hear people say they want to work very hard and then enjoy life, so they don't have to work anymore. Or in the modern age of working in front of the computer, many also desire the comfort of not needing to leave their homes or change their clothes in the fantasy that work does not need to feel like work.

I absolutely agree that work does not need to feel like work, however, the avoidance or fantasy or even calculation of not having to work but still earning money feels complicated! Especially when I love to work, not wanting to work but finding ways to look like there is the result of work, is too much effort for me.

When I work a lot and know the purpose of work, there is a lot that happens that does not feel like work. In fact, work and life simply merge into one thing and they are not separate. For example, when work increases, the first natural progression is to take good care of the body, so that my physical and emotional fitness levels are capable to support me in handling the greater volume of work, simple right? This means, there may be lifestyle changes that I have to adjust and adjust consistently. Recently I have increased my exercise levels and also eating habits as well as sleeping routines, as I feel it is necessary to prepare my body for a more honouring way to work.

Many people are intimidated by work, not because they don't enjoy to work, but because the body has been pushed so hard in gaining recognition from work that this crushing of the body is what they want to avoid. We don't have to quit work because of this, we only need to develop unwavering standards to support and respect the body in life, so that when we work these standards already apply. No one is going to invite you to respect your body when you work, quite the contrary, we are expected to toughen up and go through anything, but when we have built a standard to honour our bodies, these ways simply get exposed as not true. So we have to take this responsibility for ourselves!

When we have the support of our bodies, we can then truly enjoy what we do, and this enjoyment never makes anything feels tedious, hard or difficult--I guess that is the temporal definition of work. In fact, work simply feels enjoyable, whatever we have to attend to we simply go for it, there is ample energy to do so, and deep settlement to take care of one thing at a time, and we do not feel like it is work, it is only consistent enjoyment!

That is how to never work a day in your life, by working everyday in joy and enjoyment with a strong inner rhythm that blends into the rhythm of our daily life.

Photos from Chopard High Jewellery Event in Soho House, Central, Hong Kong.

Styling by Adele Leung

Video Credits: Galvin Chi


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