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  • Adele Leung

Make It Happen

I adore John! It is super hard not to adore this man.  John has been my boss and a very important person in my working career.  I was introduced to John a few years ago on a shoot for Kipling, and I remember clearly the first time he called me.  He was very gorgeous and had charisma, but he was also very strong in what he wanted.  Every particle in my body just felt YES, I cannot say no to this job and went home to quickly put together a styling power point for presentation.  My body literally is in joy when I work with John.


Later on, we met regularly to work on Kipling’s shoots and it was an amazing time to get to know this man, not just as someone I work with, but as a person and a friend.  He has managed to make me say yes to a lot of things in life which I would normally not consider.  I went to see him dj, even though I am not someone who goes out late at night.  I actually burned and was super full of joy when I said yes.  Likewise, he invited me to Tai O where he held his birthday with music, partying and lots of people and alcohol, again, not my usual scene, but I went because of John. 


About a year ago, John contacted me and said he wanted to bring me into his company as a stylist, and again, I felt so full of joy that I cannot say no!  I didn’t know what it involved, but all I knew was I loved to work with him.  I ended up being a regular vendor for Tommy Hilfiger and began a true deepening with work.  Working beside John it was easy to drop my conditions about work.  He would constantly push my boundaries and I would continuously say yes.  He knew where I lacked experience and would ask me to do those things.  John’s brain and communication works at a million miles per hour, so working alongside him, I would have to know him very well, as well as train myself to be in a deep settlement.  I loved all these challenges and they were actually not challenges, because I felt very at ease working together as a team.


John is one of the greatest example in my life where he is the role model of Making It Happen.  I love this so much about John as I probably share this quality that is about to explode and meeting John it has given me many opportunities to just DO IT.  I had no excuse and cannot fall back on being a woman, being Asian, being courteous, being too precious (John’s words), if it is true, let’s Make It Happen, no matter how much the resistance around is. Let's share the warmth and the realness, no matter what!


Not only is John my dear mentor at work, he has crushed the illusion that people can’t get close in the office, and often we would have supportive and heart to heart conversations.  Either we travelled together before heading to the office (we did that for many months), or we have life-changing conversations on the plane or in our work travels together, as well as early morning phone chats when is travelling and navigating shoot minefields while I am stationed at basecamp.  It is beautiful to let each other in, not just at work but in our lives as well. John has brought me to paddling when I am not a sports person at all, I share with him about my family but he never pries. All these episodes are all absolutely crucial in teamwork and produce amazing work.  It is the absolute support we offer each other no matter what.  The honesty and transparency we continuously communicate in, never holding anything back.  It is a true source of JOY to work this way, the only way really!


John is going to leave Hong Kong, but what we have lived and earthed as team mates and friends, is forever going to impact on me.  I deeply treasure everything and with huge thanks in my heart, I love you John. 


I know you will keep on making it happen in your life as only you can. xxxxx




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