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  • Adele Leung

Redress Design Award 2024 with Tommy Hilfiger

Dr. Christina Dean and I go way back. I got to meet the fabulous and inspiring Christina when I first learned about the brand The R Collective and wrote blogs and modelled for them. Christina Dean is a sustainable fashion advocate who Founded NGO Redress, with its mission to accelerate circularity in the fashion industry, in 2007, she founded The R Collective, the award-winning social impact business rescuing, reusing and recycling fashion's waste since 2017

I met Christina again recently, because of the completion of The R Collective after 7 fruitful years-rescuing 267,000 yards of textiles and 15,000 square feet of leather waste for reuse and recycling. But as "Circularity" is what happens in fashion styles and the topic of the panel of the launch of the Redress Design Award 2024 event "Why Circularity? Why Asia?", it is all in flow and serendipity that not only did this event brought me to meet with Christina in person again, this Redress Design Award 2024 is partnering with new exclusive fashion partner Tommy Hilfiger, whom I have been working with the past year. Goosebumps!

It was a night of so much joy-to meet with old friends, new partners, colleagues, celebrities, fashion heavy weights, sustainable pioneers and warriors, business mavericks, avant-garde fashion designers, top models, it was everything I am thrilled to be a part of. It was a night of openness and appreciation for everything fashion, inspirations, relationships, creative expressions and more. Hong Kong and Asia is definitely an important place for fashion, equivalent to all the fashion capitals in the world, and I am super proud to be working here in this industry.

Do you know about Redress?

Objective: Promote the Redress Design Award open applications

Designers hold the power to create a more sustainable future for fashion. Applications for the Redress Design Award 2024, the world's leading sustainable fashion design competition, are now open worldwide until 15 March. Fashion designers can visit for complete guidelines and submission details. 

About the Redress Design Award 2024

The Redress Design Award is the world’s leading sustainable fashion design competition that educates and empowers emerging fashion designers about circular design techniques to reduce fashion’s negative environmental impacts.

About Redress

Redress is a Hong Kong-headquartered, Asia-focused environmental NGO with a mission to accelerate the change to a circular fashion industry by educating and empowering designers and consumers so as to reduce clothing’s negative environmental impacts.

Redress Circular Fashion Design Course

Fashion designers looking to enhance their expertise in circular fashion design are encouraged to enrol in the free, online Redress Circular Fashion Design Course, delivered by leading industry experts, to gain an edge in the fast-changing fashion industry. The newest module ‘Design for Recyclability’ features insights from Jessica Wei, Senior Director of Sustainability at Tommy Hilfiger Asia Pacific. It offers a unique opportunity to explore circular business models and learn from professionals embracing recyclability.

Courses are exclusively available to Redress Design Award applicants through 15 March.

The panel of leading fashion experts-L to R, Dr. Christina Dean, Maximilian Berleb, Ron Henderson, Bonnie Chen, Angus Tsui.

With Christina Dean

Trying on the Tommy Hilfiger one-of-a-kind REMIXED collection bonnet

Maximilian Berleb, Tommy Hilfiger and Rod Henderson, TAL Apparel Limited

With Angus Tsui, designer and Denise Ho, stylist-amazing creatives of our industry

With Carlos Chan, he is killing the Chinese New Year main line look, so preppy in the cardigan. I am wearing the to die for Tommy Hilfiger x CLOT blazer.

I was addicted to the games!!

The crowd-so great to see many of my Tommy colleagues there

Celebrities wearing Tommy Hilfiger

Ending the amazing night-dressed in an over sized coat-Tommy Hilfiger Fall 23 collection


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