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  • Adele Leung

Dressing for All

Every piece of clothing I've ever owned there has been a relationship built. I remember every scenario with a new piece of clothing bought, just as I never forget any relationship in life. Relationships with our clothes, no different from personal relationships, need to be reviewed, constantly. If anything does not suit anymore, there is no lament to make more space for something else. This is not letting anything or anyone in life ever hide the you that is always expanding-whether you like it or not, the universe expands and we are on the ride with it.

How often do we store clothes we actually never wear but simply cannot let go of? I won't even go there to ask about the relationships in life-whether we are 10000% absolute that they are pure adoration and alignment-because it never happens, right? This questioning drops all standards and what we hate becomes the norm-oops and ouch.

How often have we bought clothes that we feel safe in. We know they don't fully express our exquisite richness, but they feel safe. No one will feel jealous or attack us if we wear the impression "safe". Let's go a step further to create a life where we can play small, so that we can actually never afford to dress enrichment (not always about price tags or brands, but how we put ourselves together), such as the bare minimum is our every day, or the monotony of the same shapes and colours to blend in to what is disregard, so we have the reason to say: this is what it is, don't ask me for more.

How often do we accommodate in relationships and not want to see certain behaviours and arrangements actually no longer support the expansion that we are being called to anymore? Do we ignore these messages and force the continuation of something because contracting and distorting ourselves have become normal compared to having arms and legs widely stretched out to expand?

All very apt questions to ponder on.

This lunar new year, I was impulsed to clear my wardrobe and say goodbye to a bunch of clothing. I have adored every single piece of my clothing, and because I have adored them so much, I can let them go with no holding back. This body is ready for another cycle in expression-and that is forever inspiring to say yes to, because we do not only dress for ourselves, we share that with every person we meet, and that is the true power of clothing.


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