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  • Adele Leung

How To Wear A Mesh Top

Mesh tops have been exploding into the trends last year and apparently they are here to stay. Cosmopolitan has reported that mesh tops have been worn by the likes of Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, so let's see how we can work this trend into our own wardrobes.

I have seen mesh tops and dresses for a long time, my first recollection of it was from the designs of Jean Paul Gaultier circa 1996!

Mesh clothing are all about confidence and feeling intimate with our bodies, the material is very body hugging and slightly see-through. We never have to be perfect to express confidence though. Mesh clothing honestly is VERY comfortable. They feel silky on the skin and I personally love that.

Most people would want to know what to wear under mesh clothing as they are transparent-personally I like my mesh clothing to seamlessly merge with my undergarments, so I tend not to wear a bra that shows through. My recommendation is to always wear anything (including mesh clothing) in elegance and respect of our gorgeous bodies! Instead of black or printed, I chose a white mesh top and paired it with a white bandeau underneath. I super love the effect that it feels like one piece of clothing. I simply love clothing to feel like an extension of ourselves and never awkward and added on!

I have tried it with jeans and a blazer on top, as well as worn it on top of a tube dress, both feel absolutely stunning. No matter how our body shape is, mesh clothing are stretchy and versatile to mould it to your shape and build, and that is the beauty of it, for us to celebrate our body no matter how it looks like.

Dressing up is much more enjoyable when it is fun and celebratory! If it is to impress or compare-it is simply a turn off and there is a heaviness that robs the beauty of even the most gorgeous pieces of clothing made-not a wise choice I say!


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