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  • Adele Leung

What Happens at a Fashion Shoot

Behind the scenes at a fashion shoot, Photo Kinwai Cheung

Location: Discovery Bay

Model: Barbie S. Photographer: Kinwai Cheung Stylist: Adele Leung

The day before the shoot


Due to a scheduling misunderstanding, with only 1 day to go, we have to find a new photographer for the shoot. Life happens, and we choose to get on with it . . .


A new photographer is approached and his definite and speedy response is a beautiful confirmation of the consolidation of our team.


The location of the job is confirmed quickly. We will be shooting on a private road with an interesting rock wall to one side of it – this location has actually been speaking to me for a while, and now the time has come for me to work there.

The day of the shoot


The crew of 7 arrive at my house to start make up and hair, as the shooting location is near to where I live. An impromptu homemade breakfast of scrambled eggs with nut and spice sprinkles, chilli con carne and banana bread is prepared to nourish us before our outdoor shoot.

Contrary to popular belief, our beautiful model Barbie relishes the nurturing breakfast with joy!


Leaving the house to shoot on location, the feeling of the team is beautiful, the harmony lived in the house while we ate, laughed, and enjoyed each other is still alive and breathing as we walk out the door.

Coming to the first location, this harmony is translated into what is captured through Barbie's expressions in connection with photographer Kinwai's capture. Only a few words are necessary, to allow Barbie to feel more of herself and to express that—the truth is, we have all already felt a steadiness and connection with ourselves before the shoot begins.

12 noon

We have completed 4 amazing shots with the greatest ease, and we are joined by an editor of a magazine and her photographer who has come to document our working process and to do an interview afterwards. They take a group picture for us – how lovely to bond right away!

The Team


The sun is getting very hot, and we have 2 more shots to go. The last location suggested by photographer Kinwai, is one we will have to walk a little distance to get to. We take a moment to consider the next move. How as a team are we are all going? Since we are beginning to feel the effects of the strong sun, it feels necessary we hydrate and be super gentle to ourselves. We rest and begin to head to our last location. Naturally everyone takes up what they can handle and there is a support felt from within and all around, and the route is actually downhill and easy to walk even with the luggage we are carrying. The location, as it turns out, is stunning.

Kinwai the photographer carrying the portable changing room in the thirty-something degree heat


In this location there is a beautiful big tree. Originally we had hoped for Barbie to stand in front of the tree in the long grass for this shot. Mosquitoes start to come and feast on the legs of Barbie, and she is clearly feeling uncomfortable. There is no point to ignore, nor can we ignore, that it does not feel good for Barbie, nor for everyone else to push to finish a shot with one of us feeling less than awesome, so we move to another location where the mosquitoes are not as rampant. Although we do not get too do many shots under the big tree as we have hoped to, it feels much better to switch locations, and the quality of ease, returns.

The Big Tree where Barbie got eaten by Mosquitoes

We move to the path . . . a bit further away from the insects in the grass

We move to the path . . . a bit further away from the insects in the grass


It’s a wrap! The beauty of teamwork is lovingly felt, and this is the quality that will be emanating from our final photos. The work feels truly complete. Now, back to my house for some more hydration, snacks and perhaps a shower too.


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