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  • Adele Leung

Styling with No Limits @ Ding Yijie

I was mesmerised by the level of sacredness that Ding moved with the first time we met. She held herself with so much respect. How she moved without needing to be pandered to. How she took out her violin, her bow and put them back into the case every time like a ritual. How she requested for how the clothes fit and sit on her body, what to add on and what to take off. I truly love this remarkable young violinist, and adore the opportunity through No Limits (co-presented by The Hong Kong Arts Festival and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust), to work with her. No Limits is a platform that offers barrier-free performances and events, promoting inclusiveness through the arts. Ding was born without the sense of sight, and has studied violin from age 6 on, and today is an award -winning vibrant rising star.

Without knowing much of her background, how I work with my clients is by observation. I feel the strength of Ding, which no doubt, is a substantiation in her life of not feeling less. As human beings, the only true movement we can be with each other, is equivalence. And this is the only way I know how to move with the people I work with. There was no holding back in presenting Ding in how I absolutely hold reverence for her. We selected a body hugging long dress for her that flaunted elegantly her beautiful and healthy figure, nothing is more touching when you see someone's form being truly represented to reflect the truth of themselves--especially for the very first time.

In one of the video shoots with Ding, that evening we naturally gravitated closer together. She held onto my arm as we had to walk from one place to another for the shooting, the closeness between bodies shared an intimacy, so pure, between people. Without much words, I came to feel and adore Ding even more, as did my team of hair and makeup stylists also, they loved her. We took a few selfies that night, and what came from the photos was a mutual strength that we were both moving in, it was glorious to observe. It was a cold night, and I was next to Ding supporting her. Whenever the crew was preparing for the shoot, I wrapped my huge blanket scarf around her neck, quickly zipped up her jacket and waited with her. Wearing a sleeveless black gown in a windy and cold night was not easy to tolerate, and I loved how Ding did not harden her body to brace the cold. The deep sensitivity of her allowed that to be expressed in her music when performing.

When I look at and admire Ding from afar during the video shoot, even though she cannot "see" the beauty of the environment, but I am certain she can sense the utmost beauty in the vibration around, which we were all being bathed in and held that night.

*<<A Story in Strings: A Violin Recital by Ding Yijie>> will be held on March 16, 2024 held at Tsuen Wan Town Hall

Enjoy the video that came from all the beauty felt:


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