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  • Adele Leung

Making Moon Cakes

Mid Autumn Festival is a significant celebration in our tradition. It is a time when families gather and have special foods such as moon cakes and pomelo, children light up lanterns and we literally look at and adore the fullness of the moon.

I used to be really hung up on not being able to be with family in the past during Mid Autumn, thoughts of loneliness used to engulf me, but now I know our connection with family does not depend on just this one day and if we commit to a closeness with each other every day of the year then it guarantees that I will feel family love whether I spend it with them or not during moon festival.

This year I decided to share my feelings of family not just with blood family, but with the girls from Teen's Key as well. Teen's Key is an organisation that supports young women. Several months ago we did a body confidence workshop with our Love Tees with them and since then I've had a lovely connection with the girls here.

This time I visited their space and made egg custard mooncakes together and being my first experience of making mooncakes, I had a lot of fun being creative and at the same time feeling the togetherness from the girls and everyone working together. In my first try, my mooncake turned out to be a complete disaster and the girls gave me so much encouragement and eventually I had so much fun and I couldn't stop!

It is super beautiful to connect simply as human beings, which when we are transparent without any roles or judgements of each other, this acceptance lived goes into the mooncakes we made, wonder how they tasted?

Happy Mid Autumn to everyone!

For more information on Teen's Key visit


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