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  • Adele Leung

Truth bxtch

I've often said, I love the fashion industry. I don't just work in fashion, but in effect, the work I do spans across the creative, production, publication, media and entertainment industries. When I say I love these industries that I work in, what does it mean?

In the past, I've always felt very attached to these industries I work for. I felt so "at home" and comfortable being here, as if I always belong no where else. Going to a studio feels like going home to me. What I have been attached to are the relationships built throughout these years. I see and feel the open-heartedness of people here.

And yet today, when I ask myself again what is it that I love about the industries I work for, I have a very different answer.

When I work today, I have given up niceness, so I get to see much more of the corruption that I was blinded by in the past. The love I have today is no longer a glamorisation or a comfort, but it is a breath of fresh air to just express Truth and give nothing to what isn't (I am not perfect in this). Sometimes it is necessary to nominate the rot, other times it simply gets exposed with the holding of space. The love for people has become deeper because we do not gather around due to our common rewards or hurts, rather, it is for us to all recognise our connection with Soul and just stop what isn't.

I am very proud to say being in these industries have trained me to be a bxtch for Truth, we often become bxtches for what is not true. Every breath and every step when walking steady and determined , no amount of tantalising from glamour or recognition is more worthwhile and sexier than walking with truth. When meeting with the known or unknown abuse in this industry, the only way to keep going, keep serving, keep being amazing is to expose it. Transparency brings more intimacy between people in truth, not less!

The true love for the whole of the industry is not needing to be friends with anyone, but it is to not stand for anything less than the whole Truth. So that this industry can imprint with a power that is even grander than what it has ever imagined. This is not hope, not a dream or fantasy, it is lived every single day in the work we do.

Photography: Tse Yin Fong


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