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  • Adele Leung

Working Families Bring Kids to Work Day

What a meaningful event last week to participate in the Working Families Bring Kids to Work Day, encouraging kids to style their parents! Not only did this event allow kids to see where their parents work, to let them get accustomed to the concept of working from a young age, they also had the opportunity to reverse roles with parents (or helpers) and get to choose clothes for their parents in a styling session, how cool is that!

Really appreciated the invite to lead the styling session on the day, presented to the kids some awesome tips on styling, these are special tips for the children, although as adults they are handy too!

I asked if the kids love their parents, and they all jumped up with raised hands and said, " YES!"

So, the first simple tip in styling is, 1/ Love the body that you will be styling for--simple, right? If we do not actually love the body we are going to put the clothes on, styling would just seem like a drab, there will be no care nor passion in what we wear, and we may wear the same clothes every day, our clothes may look wrinkly or unwashed, the lack of care really stands out when we do not love the body we put clothes on.

Then I asked the kids to choose the colours and styles that they feel their parents would look amazing in. Minus the calculations, the doubts, the practicality that most adults would find themselves in when they dress themselves. Styling, in its purest essence, is just that. 2/ Listen to your feelings, respond with no thinking, and express that with clothes! The children picked such beautiful colours like light mauves or bright oranges which were in contrast to the blacks, navy and greys that their parents may be inclined to often wear, and selected sexier and sassier styles that flatter mom's slim waist or dad's cool, many expressions that adults may tone down on or hold back, wow what a pull up for us adults!

3/Flaunt. It. Fully. Absolutely no hold backs when you wear what you have chosen, so the clothes and shoes have to feel 100% comfortable. Own the look and never let it own you!! I absolutely love how all the kids do not hold back in selecting the coolest looks for their parents, and it would be amazing to see all the parents actually wear the clothes and strut on a catwalk, maybe for next time!


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