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  • Adele Leung

Would we be less of a woman if our feet were big?

Would we be less of a woman if our feet were big? Every woman likes to buy shoes, I am no exception. I went to a shoe sample sale recently, all the shoes there are either sizes 37 or 39. I am a size 38 or I thought I was a size 38. I have always thought myself to be a “big foot”. Friends wear 36 or 37 and my mom has tiny feet , she wears size 35. I have convinced myself that women with big feet are ugly. Recently when I wore a size 38 pair of heels, I got a corn. After using corn plasters, it even got bigger and it turned white, it was hideous. Would I have to have this ugly corn on my feet for the rest of my life? And so I reflected: what is truly ugly is not this corn, but the picture that has controlled me saying that women with large feet are not womanly, and because of this belief I have accepted abuse by wearing shoes that are smaller than my actual size. Actually this is the ugly truth. So in the sample sale, I tried on some size 39 heels and they were very comfortable. Visually they stopped looking weird, so I bought a few pairs. I tried every pair of shoes in my shoe closet that night, and any pair that did not fit absolutely comfortable, I let it go. From owning a full shoe closet to now having only a few pairs of shoes, every single pair of them fits comfortably and every pair of them supports me to express myself more honestly.

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