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  • Adele Leung

What Is Security?

Once I thought being married and having kids and to have a non-challenging job is security. I worked very hard for the security in my life.

What I didn't know, I would reject in accepting.I worked as a fashion stylist, and am very well-versed at shooting fashion editorials, but with jobs such as shooting for commercials, I would find them difficult and miss seeing them as opportunities.

I have never been too keen in dealing with the turbulent and emotional moments of a child's growing up, and therefore, the materialistic demands my son has on me, I have chosen to pander to them.

But one day, the job I was in for 7 years did not need me anymore, I realised that my financial situation did not allow me to feel secure; and when one day I could no longer supply all the demands from my son, I realised that our relationship is not really that harmonious after all. I realised the security I was after has not truly given me any security at all.

What allowed me to feel safe is not to fear life or to protect myself, rather it is to say yes to life and to appreciate every challenging situation.

When I chose to live this way, I started gradually to step out of my self-created limitations of "I could only be that". Today, I am doing a lot of things I have never imagined doing--for example I stepped from behind the camera to in front, and also the relationship and communication with my son is deepening always.

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